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One thing I’ll always appreciate is the devotion I have committed to my ancestors. Paying homage to my roots with every note I play and every stride I make – ultimately, in the evolution of my being. I may not have a sound identity, in fact rather, I am a convoluted imbalance. A walking paradox. I may not the faintest idea of who I am but I believe I may have an idea of who I must be though. That is my saving grace. Alas, Identity is a matter of principle, of value, and of self awareness. Am I right?

Here are a collection of past tunes and current, spanning the nearly 86 years of father the Great Ali Ahmed Mohamed Aliyey. At his side and in the light is my Great mother Rayah Ahmed Aljahaf.

Our story is a story parallel to any others. One of a hero’s journey.

To be continued.

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