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Sacred Roots

Of my many passions, growing food and flowers is a new one. In April of 2018, I graduated from Keep Growing Detroit’s Urban Roots Program, an introductory community gardening course for Detroit residents. Through this newfound passion and course, I found an opportunity to rekindle my roots, literally and metaphorically.

We planted a variety of vegetables including pepper, tomatoes, green peas, and mint on two 100ft gardens in Romanowski Park.

Over the course of the summer, I was able to dig into the Earth and feel a unique part of my soul. I interacted with the Earth and connected to a deeper part of myself. I connected to my mother and her mother and generations of my ancestors and people. I connected to my fellow Detroiters who found recovery and beauty in their great city. I connected with people of color across the board who found healing and love through the Earth. Finally, I connected with myself as a young woman shedding her fears and growing into the woman she envisions for herself.

Since then, I have found myself curating gardens, in my mother’s home and in my new home as well. Below are a collection of photos capturing the mosaic of gardens and home creations.



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