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Yemeni Coffee & Culture: An Airbnb Experience

I have an affinity for coffee as well as world cultures. My family and I immigrated to the USA when I was only 3 years old and I was raised in a very traditional Yemeni household in the multicultural community of southwest Detroit. I’ve visited my homeland twice and fallen in love with it more ever since. For this reason, my fusion of identities fuel my advocacy and cultural activism.

My most recent venture of 2018-2019 has been to earn money outside of work while doing something I love! I host an Airbnb experience titled “Get a taste of Yemeni Coffee & Culture” where I spend 1.5 hours with guest(s) eating Yemeni pastries and drinking delicious coffee while also providing them with an insider’s look into everything Yemeni from coffee, culture, and history, to geography, immigration, and more!

Since the start of this experience, I’ve been able to host and meet over 50 wonderful people who booked the experience for various reasons. Some loved coffee, some wanted to learn about a new culture, while others wanted to support local businesses. All, however, walked away with a better understanding of a distant country and people. 

To read more or book an experience, visit this link:

Check out the article by Deadline Detroit detailing my tourguide experience: 

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More photos from an unedited photoshoot in 2020:

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